Bridging the Gap between Statutory Services and the Third Sector 

"Each person has inherit potential, is valuable, resourceful and can make a meaningful contribution to the wider community, if we find ways of including them. Fulfilment isn't about just surviving, it is about thriving"

What Is Project RESET

A bespoke person centred interaction that promotes the holistic wellbeing, rights and interests of an individual.

How we work

Using a strength based approach and pedagogical practice: purpose is to increase a person's confidence and self-awareness by empowering and enhancing their capabilities to reach their full potential. This enables them to take control of all aspects of their own health and wellbeing.

Allowing a person time to talk about what matters to them, from a holistic perspective, facilitates them to recognise and make sense of their situation and take ownership of improving it. This leads to identifying barriers and co creating solutions by providing access to opportunities that involve working collaboratively with local care and support services.

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