The MMM Project has been created to increase access to opportunities that provides support for new mums, affected by the loss of Maternity Leave due to Coronavirus.

Due to these unprecedented times and strict restrictions put in place, Mums have been forced into isolating circumstances. This has resulted in the support ordinarily provided by health care/ family/ support network, being dramatically reduced and in some cases, is completely non existent. As a result there is an increase in mums experiencing isolation and loneliness, this having a consequential impact on deteriorating mental health and emotional wellbeing.

For some mums, reliance on health visitors or family support is their only connection to the outside world as they do not have any friends with babies or children their age - they are alone.

The Pregnancy journey - The Birth - Post Natal journey are a completely alien experience to the journey of expectant woman pre covid. Creating an emotional rollcoaster for already hormonally inbalanced woman, having to respond to the governments ever changing protocols, alone.

Social media/ internet forums being the source/ tool used to measure how well you are doing. Comparing ones abilities to societal expectations can lead to a breakdown in confidence/ self-esteem and created a term increasingly heard, "mum guilt".

As well as the expected norms experienced such as lack of sleep, being thrust into Isolation and loneliness ultimately effecting body, mind and soul, results in poor mental health low motivation, decreased energy and reduced desire to do activities with their babies - this then leads to worries concerning lack of development in their babies.

Most mums are in a state of grief for all the activities that they should have had as a right of passage. Baby Groups, walks in the park, family visits, cake and coffee with friends and birthday parties with family, friends and children. Time alone shopping, classes, hobbies. They are soon returning to work without any of these activities taking place and being forced to remain alone at home - isolated.


TIME - 09:30AM - 11:30AM

1OTH     MAY
17TH      MAY
24TH     MAY
7TH       JUNE
14TH    JUNE
21ST     JUNE


I know you didn't notice, When I saw you on the screen
The empty chair beside me, How I wished he could have seen
Or when I heard your heartbeat, I doubt that you'd have cared
But that precious little moment, Should have been a moment shared
Blooming quietly and contented, Of course you weren't that troubled
From blueberry to pumpkin, In our pregnant little bubble,

A surreal secluded secret, I longed to share with friends,
Who couldn't see my swelling belly, Or even meet you at the end.
I was afraid to go alone ,When you were on your way,
Counting up the millimetres, Before getting the OK.

Then there you were sweet and perfect, And so blissfully unknowing
Of the strange times that materialized, Whilst you had been growing.
You opened your eyes to your normal, A room hidden behind masks
And your Daddy couldn't stay , Even though we asked.
So for your first night on earth, It was you and I alone
He didn't get to see you'til, it was time to take you home
And when we did we wanted ,to share you with the world beyond our walls
So we held you up at windows, And scheduled video calls.

Then life as we know it was closed, Those four walls and just us two,
You didn't feel the loneliness, But I did, and I still do.
Your family would adore you, But they don't know you still
But things are getting brighter, And eventually, they will.

You're getting older now and Perhaps your nonchalance has stopped
Because you point at other babies, When you see them at the shop.
Our time will come my love, When the days aren't quite so dark.
You'll be playing and you'll be laughing, With others in the park.
We'll party and we'll celebrate! And hug our loved ones for a moment longer,
And know that this tough first year ,Has only made us stronger.

We'll smile at every stranger, We'll savour that hot drink in a coffee shop.
We'll enjoy those tiny moments, That you never knew we'd lost.
There's been tears, anger and heartbreak, And you made isolation crazy,
But I wouldn't trade a thing for you,...My special lockdown baby. 

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