"Children are not the people of tomorrow, but are people of today. They have the right to be taken seriously, and to be treated with tenderness and respect. They should be allowed to grow into whoever they were meant to be, "the unknown person" inside of them is our hope for the future." (Korczak, 2007)  

Our fully inclusive Youth Provision: Project Gen-Z,  has been developed for youths aged 8yrs - 15yrs. The scheme was created to provide access to opportunities that engage young people in positive activities that :

  1. Promote physical, mental, emotional and social health,
  2. Reduce risky behaviours and promote positive behaviour change,
  3. Encourage personal growth (Activities strengthening: Resilience, Empowerment, Self-awareness, Pride, Empathy, Communication, Teamwork)
  4. Provide youths with life skills and the tools to empower themselves,

Thereby ensuring that they have the opportunity to unlock their full potential, this being such that they may live safe, healthy, and productive lives, ultimately strengthening the communities in which they live.

Foundations of Project GEN-Z

Our objective is to develop a holistic youth development service based on Pedagogical approaches focusing on Head Hands and Heart. We believe holistic youth development is key to ensuring that youths have the opportunity to reach their full potential, living safe, healthy, and productive lives, this ultimately strengthens the communities in which they live.

Our scheme was created to protect the basic rights of youths, encourage personal growth, promote positive behaviour change, and provide youths with life skills and the tools to empower themselves : so they do not just survive - they have the opportunity to thrive.

Utilising principles of Social Pedagogy, we find educational solutions to social issues by connecting youths to society, ensuring that our approach acknowledges that every person within society is treated with dignity and feels enabled to recognise and attain their potential.

The Youth Group addresses community cohesion - we provide access to opportunities that engages young people in positive activities that reduces risky behaviours, promotes physical, mental, emotional and social health. We provide a safe and structured space that enhances well-being, supports learning, human growth and social inclusion by empowering youths to develop important personal and interpersonal skills, including learning fundamental life skills, morals and ethics, opportunities to develop critical thinking and problem solving, building self -confidence and self - esteem.

We equip youths with the tools to create and sustain positive relationships thus combating isolation and social exclusion and improving Mental Health and Well-being

Social Pedagogy- Discovering Potential                                                                                                        

Social Pedagogy is an inter disciplinary theory combining concepts and models  from sociology, psychology, education, philosophy, medical sciences and social work.  It is Purpose Holistic Education concerned with enabling children to grow up as self responsible persons that take responsibility for their society. It involves the nurturing of: 
HEAD (Cognitive),
HEART - (Emotional and Spiritual learning)
HANDS- (Practical and Physical skills)                      

Discovering a young persons potential, requires building and developing meaningful and authentic relationships. This enables us to recognise a person's potential, their qualities, strengths and interests. A fundamental concept of pedagogy realises children as equal human beings with rich and extraordinary potential, as competent, resourceful and active agents. 

Does It Work ?
According to ThemPra CIC ( evaluations in the UK suggest that social Pedagogy can make a substantial difference to frontline practice, and the wider care sector.     

Implementing a social pedagogical culture has generally seen the following improvements:

For children: improved engagement with education and increased educational attainment, improved relationships with staff and peers, a higher sense of involvement and increased happiness and well-being leading to significant reductions in physical restraints, vandalism and absconding as well as improved placement stability. 

For staff : members: improved well-being and motivation, better relationships with young people, colleagues and other professional groups due to increased confidence, feeling encouraged to be themselves, bring in their own interests and creativity, higher levels of trust and autonomy, and an increased ability to reflect. 

For teams : a more positive, non-judgmental culture, increased sense of ownership for the clubs values and vision, improved communication and multi-agency working, and higher staff retention.

It is important to us that the local community, including local schools are involved with the development and sustainability of this community project. We have already made connections and partnerships with several local services and have created 10 placements for students aged 16+ from Calderdale College to become involved with the project. 

This service is currently unavailable due to Covid-19 restrictions, however it normally runs throughout all school holidays, (excluding bank  )

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